Canarias IV

Under the name of Canarias IV, and developed with the involvement of IES Amurga (secondary school in Gran Canaria), was launched from El Hierro Island on May 2018. The miniboat design and capabilities have been expanded with the integration of a water temperature sensor and a parallel satellite telemetry gateway.


Glenna was built by Riley Day School in Rockport, Maine (USA) and shipped to Canary Islands to be deployed. It was deployed in Gran Canaria south-west coast by secondary students in collaboration with PLOCAN staff. After159 days sailing, Glenna crossed the Atlantic Ocean and arrived to the Brazilian coast.

Canarias III

Students from IES-Garoe Secondary School in El Hierro Island, with support and coordination by PLOCAN, worked hard to get Canarias III ready for deployment in La Restinga, a beautiful fishing harbor located in the South coast of El Hierro Island. More than a hundred students joined the event to launch and say “see you” to the miniboat. As usual, prior to the deployment, a very profitable Skype session was conducted between students from IES-Garoe (El Hierro Island) and Kennebunk High School (Maine).

Canarias II

The Canaries II was built by PLOCAN in collaboration with IES Garoé Secondary School in El Hierro Island. It was deployed by students from the little island of El Hierro southwest of Tenerife. As shown in the photos galley, there were many students involved with the actual deployment and also a skype session was conducted with school children in New Jersey and Maine prior to the deployment. Canaries II disappeared on December 20, 2016 after traveling through the Caribbean Sea. The little boat then reappeared on a beach of Akumal in Tulum, south of Cancun. The Educational Passages team is reaching out to local organizations hoping to find who discovered the vessel.

Canarias I

Miniboat Canarias I was built by the Liceo Frances School (Gran Canaria - Spain) in collaboration with PLOCAN. It was deployed in the south coast of Gran Canaria, using French revolutionay warship L’Hermione replica, as you can see in the photos gallery. Canarias I sailed along the African coast before it stopped transmitting. After several months without a GPS fix, it started reporting again in late Decemeber 2015 in a neighborhood east of Dakar, Senegal. Later, in June 2016 it was located in a fisherman’s house as a decorative table.